Jagaddhatri meaning the saviour of the universe is the Goddess who comes to save the people from the demonic reign of the asuras. According to Vedic scriptures, Goddess Jagaddhatri is another form of Devi Durga. In the Shukla Navami of the Bengali Month of Ashwin, the Devi appears as the ten-handed Goddess Durga, on the same day, on the month of Karthik, she presents herself in the form of the four-handed Devi Jagaddhatri, the caring mother of the world.

Jagadhatri means who holds the universe and who protects the world from cruel demons. Devi Jagadhatri is also known as Karindrasuranisudini (Who killed the elephant demon), Maheswari (the Great Goddess), Shaktacharpriya (the Goddess who loves to be worshipped according to Shaktism) and Adharabhuta (the Bearer of the World).

Devi Jagadhatri is a pleasant form of Goddess Durga and symbolizes ‘Sattva Guna’. One of the six major schools of Indian Philosophy is called Sankhya or Samkhya and according to it the three ‘Gunas’ or qualities, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas form the ‘Prakriti’ or ‘universal nature’

Sattva (calmness, purity) – It is symbolized by Goddess Jagadhatri, and is associated with creation.

Rajas (activity, ‘dim’) – It is symbolized by Goddess Durga, and is associated with preservation.

Tamas (inertia, dark) – It is symbolized by Goddess Kali, and is associated with destruction for better creation.

According to ‘Tantras’ and ‘Puranas’, Devi Jagadhatri has three eyes and has four arms holding conch, chakra, bow and arrow respectively. Jagadhatri rides on a lion which stands on an elephant. She is dressed with colourful clothes and bright jewels. Another important feather of this idol is its ornamental decorations with sola and beautiful canvas of mats behind the idol. The snakes is her sacred thread. Sri Ramakrishnadev , the great devotee of Makali Said, ‘Jagadhatri awakens in the heart of such person who can control the tenacious elephant called mind’

In Bengal it is popularly believed that Maharaja Krishna Chandra of Nadia started Jagaddhatri Puja. However, it is not verified and cannot be correct as Chandannagar's Indranarayan Roy Choudhury's Jagadhatri Puja precedes the date when it was started by Maharaja Krishna Chandra in Krishnanagar. Jagadhatri Puja is very popular in Chandannagar, Rishra and Krishnanagar.


  1. Nadia r Santipur er sutragarh anchole je koto boro boichitro moy jagadhatri puja hoi koto bochhor dhore...tar khober kojon rakhen...amar facebook profile visit korle bojha jabe..

  2. now adays besides chandannagar ,krishnanagar and rishra jagadhatri puja is being worship ped in many districts of west bengal.i like this puja very much.


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