This is one of the best Puja pandal of Jagadhatri Puja 2013 which is completely made from jute material. Artists have made a village theme like hut, different sculpture. 

Puja pandal fully made by the jute material

Jagadhatri Puja 2014 will be on performed 30th October to 2th November 2014.
According to Bengali calendar Jagadhatri Puja will be start on 11th Kartik 1421 - Sasthi, 12th Kartik - Saptami, 13th Kartik - Asthami, 14th Kartik - Nabami and 15th Kartik - Dashami.

Based on Indian Standard Time:
Saptami: 30th October, 2014 Thursday
Asthami: 31st November, 2014 Friday
Nabami: 1st November, 2014 Saturday  
Dashami: 2nd November, 2014 Sunday

Jagadhatri Puja 2014 Nirghonto Dates & Calendar - শ্রীশ্রী জগদ্ধাত্রী পূজার নির্ঘন্ট

Last day of Maa Jagadhatri Puja 2013

Sesh belay

Jagadhatri Puja procession has been started at 6PM (12th November, 2013). Now all the people celebrate the Dashami occasion. Around 280 trucks are decorated by different light, flowers and Idol devi Jagadhatri.
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Jagadhatri Puja procession, Chandannagar

Helapukur Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Helapukur Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Shitolatala Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Shitolatala Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Halderpara Sasthitala Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar. Theme Letter and Dakghar.

Halderpara Sasthitala Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Kachari ghat Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Kachari ghat Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Gondolpara Satghata Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar.

Gondolpara Satghata Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Kundughat Dalan, Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar. Shared by Pubali De

Kundughat Dalan Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Bagbazar Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar.

Bagbazar Jagadhatri Puja, Chandannagar

Today is the last day of Jagadhatri Puja, i. e; Dashami. The people of Chandanagar are ready to celebrate Dashami or Bisarjan. Chandannagar celebrate whole night procession with different magic lighting which is world famous. For which we are proud and thanks to famous electrician of Chandannagar.
3/4 truck of lighting arrangement and another truck for Idol has arranged for the procession in respect of each puja committee. Also 2/3 groups of BANJO and Dhak players has arranged by each puja committee. This year around 67 Puja committees are going to participate this occasion from Chandannagar, Mankundu and Bhadreshwar area. Approximate 300 trucks are arranged for this occasion. All these arrangements are ready and make their trial. This procession will cover around 15 KM of road in Chandannagar, Mankundu and Bhadreshwar area. It will be started at 5:30PM today 12th November, 2013 and it may run next day morning 6AM. More than 5Lakhs people will participate in this occasion. Thousands of people will come from outside of the area. Eastern Railway has arranged special night train for this occasion.
Now Chandannagar is ready and welcome you to join in this occasion. Jai Maa Jagadhatri.

Jagadhatri Puja Dashami